TRN 868N

TRN 868N
TRN 868N
SERIES TRN868N is another new product from Polycrystalline Plasticization Technology Co. Ltd. Innovated through own latest research and development of new emerging patented nano-technology, TRN868N is made of inorganic functional materials and plastic carrier combination and it is non-toxic. It is excellent in mixing with plastics with usage up to 60%-100%, and at the same time enhancing plastic’s mechanical strength, tremendously increasing tensile strengths and high dispersion properties during manufacturing process. TRN6007 also improves tear resistance strength and provides excellent stretching ability. 
Specially created for LLDPE mulch film for farming, it provides undeniable improvements in properties, lightweight, excellent UV protection, high aging  resistance, high gloss, and highly stretchable. Most importantly TRN868N is a low cost but high quality product, and thereby helps to significantly reduce manufacturing costs and increase productivity efficiently and effectively.
This product is mainly used for LLDPE color products, with enhanced, toughening, cost savings advantages at the same time lightweight, and usages with the range of up to 60%. In A-B-A (3 layers) film-blowing machines, TRN868N can be used up to 100% in B layer, thus can be used raw material alternative.
  • High filling content without leakage, excellent dispersion properties, no bubbles formation on plastics 
  • Environmental friendly, recyclable.
  • Product Safety approved, odorless, and contains non- plasticizing agent.
  • Lower than traditional plastic resins’ prices, better mechanical properties.
  • Eliminate the need of high electronic corona, improve screen printing’s quality.
  • Non-corrosive, low-hardness, does not damage the screw and die. 
  • Maintain product surface brightness and does not affect plastic sealing process. 
  • Improve production efficiency, and increase production output due to significant decrease in plastic waste during manufacturing process.